The Kill List

The Kill List? Cover Art

2014 Drama

45 minutes

This TV Show is somewhat tiring to watch.

Notes About the Violence

Madam Secretary is one of those shows, which is 95% OK, then it sneaks in a very violent scene. But it fits the mission of this website well, in that we don't feel that just because 5% is violent or graphic, we have to skip the whole show!

General Warning

Once in awhile, in just a few episodes, there are a few scenes that are really out there, so proceed with caution!


25 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

Blake interrupts a meeting to tell the Secretary she has been called to the situation room.
"Mr. Jackson told me to tell you they're going in, ma'am" - Blake
"Thank you." - Madam Secretary

Blood on the floor is shown.

"Interpol scoured every possible exit point from Northern and Western Africa. Turns out she was at an airport in Naouakchott, Mauritania, a week and a half ago" - military leader meeting with Madam Secretary

32 minutes
Recommend MutingMute Violent - Realistic Violenceviolent

Jay and the Secretary are in a meeting and he shows her a picture
"That's Izad Ahmadi--his cousin gave me that, from when he visited him in Tehran last year. That woman there is his mother"
It is important to mute at this point!
"I get your point, Jay, thank you." - Secretary

Jay describes stoning in detail, they can't help the man, and Jay is despondent.

Wait until the meeting is over.