Dinner at the Crawleys

Dinner at the Crawleys? Cover Art

2010 Drama

1 hour 30 minutes

This TV Show is not tiring to watch.

Notes About the Violence

We just made up the episode titles, in case you were wondering. Overall, Downton Abbey is tame, but because of the times, there are some scenes. Season 2 is particular heavy on scenes because of the war theme.


40 minutes
Recommend MutingMute Recommend SkipingSkip Intense - Disturbing Violenceintense

During a dinner with the high powered politician
"On the contrary, I have a clarity of vision that allows me to resist a housemaid's trap of sentimentality!" - Dowager
"Your enthusiasm is getting the best of your manners" - Cousin Isobel
Lord Grantham stands up
"Can't we stop this beastly row?" - Lord Grantham

Lord Grantham ulcer's bursts. He says if this is it, he loves Cora very much.

Music stops (everyone downstairs gathers and talks)
"Is he very bad?" Mrs Patmore
"I've run for the ambulance, it'll be here at any moment, Miss Baxter, Anna, fet their ladyship's coats, don't forget Lady Edith" - Mr. Carson

41 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

"Now let us concentrate on Robert" - Dowager
"They're ready, they want to take him now." - Cousin Isobel

They show Lord Grantham being wheeled away.

"You're quite pale. We'll go together, you had a shock" - Cousin Isobel
"I think I've had a few shocks this evening" - Dowager