Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi

Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi Cover Art

2017 Sci-Fi

Rated PG-13

2 hours 32 minutes

This movie is somewhat tiring to watch.

Excitement Rating - excitement pointexcitement pointexcitement pointexcitement pointexcitement point

Notes About the Violence

While this movie has lots of scenes, only one is really bad. I added a scene for just about anything I thought might bother, so it is likely you will not have to skip them all. It is not an overly tiring movie as far as input.

For skipping scenes, the last three movies, 7, 8 and 9 are the best for those of us who don't like disturbing scenes. So take a look at Star Wars 7 - The Force Awakens and Star Wars 9 - The Rise of Skywalker.

The last 30 minutes make the movie worth watching (and very little to skip!)

Not Included in Scenes

Snoke's face is very distorted and weird. Blasts all the time, only listed when someone is shown getting hurt by it. Some mild wounds on people.

General Warning

It pushes the boundaries of PG-13, so expect a lot of explosions and light injuries shown on people.


8 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

"Fighters Incoming!"
Gunners, Look Alive!

A couple of fighters are blown up


"Forty seconds to full charge!"
"Destroy that last bomber!"

10 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

Bomber pilot grabs a controller (she has a bloody nose, so if this bothers you look when while she is kicking for the controller.
"Bombs Away!'

Paige, the bomber pilot is killed, not graphic

Direct hit! Dreadnoght down!

13 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

"They can't get away, Supreme Leader, we have them tied to the end of a string"
(again, he has a bloody mouth, so skip a bit earlier if you want.

Finn awakens, this will bother people who do not like medical things, although there is nothing wrong, it is just water spitting out of his suit

"You must have a thousand questions"
"Where's Rey" - Finn

18 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

Take that ridiculous thing off. - Snoke

Kylo's wound is not too graphic, and Snoke throws him across the room with energy

"Skywalker Lives! The seed of the Jedi Order lives" - Snoke

29 minutes
Violent - Realistic Violenceviolent

BB8 and Poe are running "Don't wait for me! Jump in an fire her up!"

Big explosion where all the fighter jets are, the fighter jet bay is destroyed.

"Poe, are you alright?"
"We need to get out range of those Star Destoyers" - Poe

30 minutes
Violent - Realistic Violenceviolent

Kylo is attacking a ship and feels Leia...

He doesn't shoot, but someone else does and Leia is sent out into space, while not graphic, definitely violent and weird. Easier to just listen to the first order leadership, because then it moves to Leia out in space. She manages to get to the ship, but passes out. Then Chewie is going to eat a little creature from the island, but doesn't.

Hear equipment start up. "R2? R2? - Luke

40 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

Finn and Rose are talking at a pod...
"What were you doing?...checking the escape pods, by boarding one" - Rose

She zaps Finn, not graphic, just sudden

very quick scene..."I can't move...I can't move"

44 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

Poe gives Finn the tracker, shows a close up of the sun rising, look away

It shows Kylo's wound being repaired, not graphic, but surprising and disquieting, not for anyone uncomfortable with medical stuff.

Music stops, blaster fires, Rey and Kylo can feel each other. "
You are to bring Skywalker to me" -Kylo

56 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

Why do you hate it so much? - Finn
"Look closer" - Rose, he grabs a telescope

Animals are shown being shocked and children mistreated

"And who do you think these people are? There is only one business in the galaxy that will get you this rich..." - Rose

57 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

"Red Plom Bloom" - Finn
"The Master Codebreaker!" - Rose

Finn is shocked again, very quick and not disturbing

"All right, you two are under arrest for parking violation 27B/6"

1 hour
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

"It was too late" - Luke
"What happened?" - Rey

Rocks falling on Luke, he is unharmed, school shown on fire, sounds worse than it is

"Because I was Luke Skywalker"

1 hour 2 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

"The beginning of their end...Destroy it" - Commander of the order

Quick explosion of the medical ship, not graphic, but commander is shown as ship is being destroyed.

"Admiral, fuel reserves are at six hours"
"Maintain our current course, Steady on." - Admiral

1 hour 12 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

"Did he tell you what happened that night?" - Kylo
"Yes" - Rey
"No" - Kylo

Luke is shown waving a light saber toward Kylo, who stops him with his.

"Liar" - Rey
"Let the past die" - Kylo

1 hour 19 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

"I was left with shame and consequence, and the last thing I saw were the eyes of a frightened boy whose master had failed him" - Luke

The same fight in the tent

"You failed him by thinking his choice was made, it wasn't" - Rey

1 hour 37 minutes
Recommend SkipingSkip Violent - Realistic Violenceviolent

Snokes is holding Rey's face - "You will give me Skywalker..."

He causes Rey torturous pain

No. No. No.
Poe - Leia
What is that? - Poe
The mineral planet Crait - Leia

1 hour 40 minutes
Recommend SkipingSkip Intense - Disturbing Violenceintense

Stormtroopers are marching Rey's friend into a sea of time to skip many chapters to 1:56:06

Finn and Rose and BB8 escape the hanger, at the same time Kylo saves Rey and kills Snoke. The resistance gets to the planet safely, but Holdo goes down with the ship

"They're coming, shut the door" - Leia

2 hours 3 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

"All fire power on those speeders" - Kylo
"Concentrate all fire power on those speeders!" - Admiral

Lots of resistance fighters are hit in their ships.

"No, I'm almost there!" - Finn
"Retreat Finn! That's an order!" - Poe

2 hours 4 minutes
OK - Nothing to Worry AboutOK

"I want every gun we have to fire on that man" - Kylo

Luke is a hologram, nothing really happens to him

There is nothing to skip, but the spoiler is quite the spoiler, but important for those of us who don't want to see violence.