Star Wars 4: A New Hope

Star Wars 4: A New Hope Cover Art

1977 Sci-Fi

Rated PG

2 hours 3 minutes

This movie is exhausting to watch.

Excitement Rating - excitement pointexcitement pointexcitement pointexcitement point

Notes About the Violence

Don't be fooled by this movie's PG rating, A New Hope has plenty of graphically violent and disturbing scenes.

Not Included in Scenes

There are many Scenes in this movie, so in order to keep the Scene count down, we don't count storm troopers in helmets being shot at or killed.


3 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

Sounds behind a door and then it explodes

Lots of rebel fighters are shot. Their faces are not covered by armor, and you can see them reacting.

Hear Darth Vader breathing.

6 minutes
Recommend MutingMute Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

On ship, Leia pulls hood off and hides. Darth Vader starts talking, you may want to mute for 1 minute.

Darth Vadar kills one of the officers by choking him, and this is heard and seen fairly graphically.

"I want them alive!" -Darth Vader (or if muting, just wait until one minute is up.)

29 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

R2D2 is going up a canyon. Time to look away when Luke is looking through binoculars.

Sand people beat him up, but Luke is fine.

It grows quiet and you can hear R2D2's chirpy sounds, and a thump.
"Hello there." -Obiwan

38 minutes
Violent - Realistic Violenceviolent

In Darth Vader's conference room, Darth says "power of the force". This scene lasts for a while.

Luke's family is killed (off-screen) and their corpses are shown. This scene is surprisingly graphic. Darth Vader threatens Leia with torture, and it is heavily implied that she is tortured. Again, this is oddly intense. Dead Jawas are shown, and burned in a funeral pyre.

Luke says "I want to become a Jedi, like my father"

47 minutes
Violent - Realistic Violenceviolent

Luke and Obiwan enter in a bar. "He doesn't like you, I don't like you either"

A man's arm is cut off.

Music starts up again. "I'm all right".

51 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

Still in the bar...Hans and Guido are talking, "Over my dead body" (this is a short scene)

Hans kills Guido.

"Sorry about the mess"

1 hour 9 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

In the small security office, Guard says "I'll see what I can do".

Guards are killed.

Luke, "between his howling and blasting..."

1 hour 14 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

In the cell block, guard says "I wasn't notified...I'll have to clear it"

Guards are killed.

Hans: "Everything is under control...Situation normal"

1 hour 19 minutes
OK - Nothing to Worry AboutOK

Luke, Leia and Han are in a garbage chute.

Luke is pulled under the water by an alien, but is released. The Garbage area starts to smash the contents, but they are fine.

"We're all right, you did great," - Luke

1 hour 32 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

Luke, Leia and Hans are running back to the ship, Luke stops and sees the fight between Darth Vadar and Obiwan, he says "Ben?"

Darth Vadar kills Obiwan.

"Run, Luke, Run!" - Obiwan

1 hour 47 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

The resistance pilots fly up to the space station, there is a lot of pilots lost, but nothing graphic in the whole battle. "I've got a problem here, Eject!"

Pilots' faces are shown as their planes explode. Not graphic, but more personal.

"Rebel Base 30 seconds and closing".