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1994 Comedy

Rated R

1 hour 37 minutes

This movie is not tiring to watch.

Excitement Rating - excitement pointexcitement point

Notes About the Violence

Despite being about a kidnapping, and having many scenes where people are threatened with a gun, no one is ever shot. People are hurt, but we have included any violence in our scenes.


11 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

Gus is in the basement with a Rottweiler...
"Good doggie. Good thick-headed doggie." -Gus throws a necklace...

Gus runs away, and we infer that the dog bites him, but not badly, and nothing is shown.

Sirens are heard.

29 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

They are in the kitchen, "Capital L, small I, small a, small r, period."-Gus

Gus's dog bite is shown briefly from afar, showing some blood

"Willard's dog."-Gus
"Cannibal bit you?"-Caroline

1 hour 20 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

The family is having a heated discussion in the living room.
Doorbell rings,"What am I, Oswald here?" -Gus

Grandma elbows Gus.

"Is this part of the therapy?" - Gary

1 hour 26 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

"What, are you pulling a gun on me? I'm not afraid of you." -Santa

Gus punches Santa Claus.

"Great. I just beat up Santa Claus." -Gus