Not Without My Daughter

Not Without My Daughter Cover Art

1991 Drama

Rated PG-13

1 hour 56 minutes

This movie is not tiring to watch.

Excitement Rating - excitement pointexcitement point

Notes About the Violence

This movie has very little graphic violence, but Betty is assaulted many times.

General Warning

Take care with the first scene, it is the only graphic scene in the movie, and is unexpected.


18 minutes
Intense - Disturbing Violenceintense

They arrive at the Tehran airport and drive to his family's house.
"I have to go to the bathroom" - Mahtob

An animal is killed.

You hear a large group praying
"It is the Friday prayer... from the Tehran University"

34 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

Moody and Betty are talking in the bedroom
"Mahtob could learn real values here" - Moody
"NO!" -

Moody slaps Betty.

"Now you listen to me, your in my country now" - Moody

50 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

After Betty goes to the american interests section in the Swiss Embassy and returns home.
"If Daddy asks, we went for a walk and got lost" - Betty to Mahtob

He hits Betty multiple times.

"You try anything like this again, I'll kill you" - Moody

1 hour 10 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

"Islam is the greatest gift I can give to my child" Moody to Betty
Betty is sitting in the school reading...

There is a large explosion but none of the characters are killed

You hear screaming and a siren...then quiet music.

1 hour 15 minutes
Distressing - Play Actingdistressing

Betty is meeting with Houssein, the gentleman that will help her.
"Dollars would be more help to me than Iranian money, keep in touch with my sister"
Betty returns to the school with Mahtob.

Moody brutally beats up and threatens Betty in the school and she runs away.

"Get out" - Moody (you hear dramatic music)

1 hour 23 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

Betty is trapped in the apartment, Moody brings her food.
Then it is nighttime and Betty is listening and a siren goes off...

Explosion in the apartment, but Betty is not hurt.

You hear only quiet music..."Betty?"

1 hour 44 minutes
Mild - No Act of Violencemild

Betty and Mahtob are with two men in the mountains. They are driving up a canyon in a jeep, there are shots fired.

Someone threatens them with a gun.

You hear a whistle.

1 hour 45 minutes
OK - Nothing to Worry AboutOK

Soon after the gun incident, Betty is asleep on the floor when a man approaches her while she sleeps. Mahtob is awake and starts to awaken her mom...but nothing happens...

A man lays next to her

You hear a car driving off.